MMA Betting advice

MMA betting can be a bit confusing when you are first starting out. To help you understand what you need to do and how MMA betting works, we have put together some guidelines and articles to help your through the process. Whether you’re a beginner better for the first time, or a more advanced UFC bettor we have something for everyone.

Betting strategy & advice for new MMA bettors

Picking a Sportsbook

There are hundreds of online sportsbooks, but like all online business, they aren’t created equally.  Picking the right sportsbook not only ensures that you have an enjoyable and fun betting experience, but also that you get paid on your winning bets.  For Canadian bettors, Sports Interaction has proven to be a great option and are our recommended sportsbook.  Read our Sports Interaction Review to learn what separates them from all other sportsbooks.

Making a deposit:

You have created a sportsbook account, hopefully at Sports Interaction, and now it’s time to make a deposit.  At the good sportsbooks, depositing is simple and safe.  But it always helps to have a little information prior to putting down your hard earned money.  Read out overview of the best deposit options.

UFC Odds:

If you aren’t familiar with the moneyline, then you have some research to do.  Luckily we’ve compiled a beginners guide to explain all you need to know about understanding MMA Odds.  Learn how UFC odds work

Betting Tips

Now that you have a sportsbook, made a deposit and understand how MMA Odds work, you’re close to placing a bet.  Before just picking your favourite fighter and throwing darts at a board, we have 3 tips that will help you make better picks.  Learn more here: 3 tips to betting on UFC fights

Betting Terminology

MMA bettors and sportsbooks have their own lingo and terminology.  Learn these terms and not only will it help with your betting, but you will impress your friends at the next fight: MMA betting terminology

Advanced MMA betting strategies and theories

Public Opinion and betting lines:

It’s an important concept that many bettors forget to consider.  The betting line on a fight moves based on where the action is, not the odds of a fighter winning.  The greatest example of this is the McGregor vs Mayweather fight in August 2017.  Talk to any expert and the odds of McGregor winning should have been 75 to 1, but McGregor was such an overwhelming public favourite that everyone bet on him.  The line moved down to 4 to 1 and was easy money for anyone betting on Mayweather.

Learn More: Going against the public – How to use public opinion to your advantage

Bankroll Management:

It’s not just about betting all your money, but understanding how much you should wager on each fight relative to how much money you have.  The professional bettors all pay close attention to their bankroll management and so should you.

Learn More: Bankroll management

Converting Moneyline to percentages

You understand what the moneyline is, but have you thought about what that means in terms of percentage change of winning?  Smart bettors know that you play the odds, just as much as you want to pick a winner.

Learn More: How to convert moneylines to percentages

Underdogs vs Favourites.  A Case Study

It goes without saying that picking an underdog will have a bigger payoff than picking a favourite.  But have you thought about where the smart money is and how to get a big payday?  We did a case study on some older UFC fights to see what the stats tell us.

Learn More: UFC betting case study : Underdogs vs. Favorites

Over/Under round betting for UFC Fights

There’s more than just betting on who will win the fight.  Prop bets have become a big part of UFC and MMA betting and are a fun way to increase your excitement.  Whether you bet on over/under rounds, fight of the night, or method of victory, there’s something for everyone.

Learn More: Over/Under round betting for UFC fights

When odds are posted for UFC Fights

The majority of wagers are placed close to fight time as the sharp bettors look for an edge in case any information about the fighters comes out.  But it’s always good to know when the odds are being posted so that you can monitor how they move.

Learn more: When are odds posted for UFC fights?