My mixed martial arts betting strategy

Almost every person who bets has a type of style or “system” they use to pick the team/fighter they want to bet on. I’ll first state that there is no one correct way to handicap a fight. Finding a style that works for you is the most important aspect of betting on mixed martial arts fights. If you try to bounce all over the place, and bet with different theories and systems, chances are you’ll end up broke.

One of my main betting philosophies is to always go against the betting public. In the world of sports betting 98% of bettors come out losers in the end, so going against their picks is always a good idea over the long haul. If you’re new to sports betting or mixed martial arts betting, this is a tough idea to conquer and the picks will look like surefire losers every time, but trust me you will make money. Your friends will think you’re an idiot, and you’ll even question yourself every time you make a bet. However, this is one of the most consistent and best ways to make money betting on mixed martial arts fights.

My usual routine

– Check out all the popular bloggers and columnist online who are making their predictions for a fight. I’ll usually run through all them and write down their picks for the night. If they REALLY like a guy in a certain fight, I’ll make note of that as well.

– Check out the forums for what the general public thinks about each fight. Usually on all of the popular MMA forums, there will always be guys discussing who they like that night for the fight. I always make an extra note if lots of people are throwing around “no chance at losing” and “bet the wife and kids” type phrases about a certain bout.

– After that I’ll go through and check out the odds at all of the different MMA sportsbooks.

– If lots of people really like someone who is an underdog, I almost will always bet pretty big on the favorite. This usually only happens in fights with bigger name guys, but it does happen often, and it is always a great sign for us.

– If there are a lot of people all over a guy who is a major favorite, I will always put in a small bet on the big underdog.

– After that, Ill go through the rest and make my bets according to how I feel and how much action I’m seeing coming in on the other fighters. My main bets are almost always underdogs and very small favorites. I try to stay away from any favorite above -300 or higher.

This is my mixed martial arts betting strategy in a nutshell. I use the same basic philosophy in other sports such as football and basketball, and it works very well. I’ve had some success already with MMA, mostly in the UFC, but as I expand and learn more about the other leagues, I think ‘ll continue to profit in them as well.

Feel free to share your thoughts about betting on MMA fights in the comment section…