MMA and UFC betting sites for Canadians

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails recently from Canadians who would like to know where they can bet on UFC and MMA fights. We’ve been betting online for over a decade and have learned what’s important when choosing a sportsbook. For Canadians there’s one sportsbook that in our opinion checks all the boxes and that’s

We’ve outlined below what experience has shown us to be important when choosing an online sportsbook.

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Choosing an Online Sportsbook

Probably the most important, but can be hard to gauge for anyone new to online betting.  We find looking at the history of a sportsbook and a few other factors can help here.  How long have they been in business?  You don’t want to play with a new sportsbook, as they don’t have a track record that you can trust.  Where do they accept players from?  A consideration many don’t think about.  But there are many ‘grey market’ countries, with the US being one of the biggest.  If they get caught up in trouble down south, that could mean losing your money.  It’s happened before in the Poker industry, and could happen again.

Our advice: Choose a sportsbook that has at least 10+ years in the industry and no exposure to other grey markets, like the US.

Sports Interaction: Opened in 1997 and only accepts players from Canada

Betting Options

You probably visited because you’re looking to bet on the next UFC or other MMA event.  So first an foremost, find a good sportsbook that offers good betting options for fight night.  That includes betting options such as Fight of the Night, Method of Victory, Number of Rounds and more.  There’s an exciting assortment of options that you probably didn’t know existed but they sure make it more exciting.

Beyond MMA and UFC Betting, take a look at what else the sportsbook offers.  There are literally thousands of tournaments, leagues and competitions worldwide and always a sport being played.  Live betting is huge nowadays and the good sportsbooks will have a match on at any time.  If you can find a sportsbook with 100+ live betting events per day, you’re in business.

Our Advice: Pick a sportsbook that not only has great UFC betting options, but excels at all other sports as well.

Sports Interaction: Great selection of UFC betting options plus 1000 tournaments, leagues and competitions around the globe.  200+ live betting events daily.



Online Sportsbooks are known to incentivize new customers with a signup bonus.  Traditionally it is a percent of your first deposit, up to a maximum amount.  For a new bettor, this is a fantastic way to make your money go further and provide more betting excitement.  We suggest looking for something in the 100% range and up to $100.  Basically that doubles your deposit and means that you can make twice as many wagers, or double your stakes.  All sportsbooks do require that you bet your bonus a certain amount of times, to avoid fraud and abuse.

Our advice: Find a good signup offer to extend your betting.

Sports Interaction: 100% up to $125 Signup bonus

Mobile Betting

This is a no brainer.  Your sportsbook must have an excellent mobile betting platform.  Think about how often you watch a big fight at a friends place or the bar?  Being able to bet on your phone makes it far more exciting as you can place more bets throughout the night.  Aside from the Provincial lotteries where many lack a mobile betting platform, most online sportsbooks have you covered.  But they are not all created equal.  Many lack all betting options, or good deposit or withdrawal options from your phone.

Our advice: Not all sportsbooks have good mobile betting.  Choose one that has the same betting, deposit and withdrawal options as desktop.

Sports Interaction: Offer everything on mobile and extremely easy to use.  No download required.

Customer Service

We’ve all dealt with good and bad customer service, and in our experience the homegrown reps are far more knowledgeable and easier to deal with then outsourced companies.  We like to see live chat, email and phone all as options on how to reach help.  And when it comes to betting, a quick response is important as there’s usually a deadline to place your bet when the fight begins.  And for our money, being in Canada, a company should offer support in both official languages.

Our advice: Knowledgeable local customer service is best.

Sports Interaction: Canadian customer service, 24/7 365 on live chat, email and phone.


With a little research you can find a great sportsbook.  Sports Interaction checks all of our boxes and has treated us well for over a decade.  They have everything you need whether it’s betting UFC or the Toronto Maple Leafs.  And best of all you know that you information is safe and that you will get paid.