MMA and UFC betting sites for Canadians

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails recently from Canadians who would like to know where they can bet on UFC and MMA fights. Like the U.S. market, the betting options are few and far between. However you do have one GREAT betting site at Bodog is famous for having the best odds available in a wide variety of sports including NFL and college football. This has also carried over into their MMA and UFC lines. They have very good lines for both the favorites and the underdogs.

Here are a few of the top books…

#1 –

  • Latest addition to the Canadian list.  They allow parlays on MMA events for Canadians which used to be a rarity!

  • Great betting lines that are very advantageous for both the favorite and the underdog in MMA betting.  Good customer service as well…  This would be my choice as a Canadian bettor.

Overall, these sportsbooks are all great.  I really think Bodog Canada is the best out of them all.  I play there all the time and love their system. Highly recommended for the Canadian bettors…. Check em out now.