UFC – MMA Parlay Betting Advice

The key to betting successfully on MMA is the ability to figuring out which underdogs can exploit holes in their opponent’s game in order to come out on top. In general, it is not advisable to bet on favorites, no matter how sure you are that they are going to win. For one thing, the last two years of MMA have proven that anything can happen on any given night, and for another, the risk/reward ratio in betting on favorites usually isn’t worth taking any chances.

Parlay Betting Lines Online
Our favorite site to Parlay bet is Sports Interaction.

When Not to Parlay Bet
Unfortunately, some shows are NOT ideal for traditional MMA betting. The upcoming Affliction (no longer exists): Banned show is a perfect example of this. While not exactly mismatches, a lot of the fights scheduled for the event have a very clear favorite who is unlikely to lose. Luckily for MMA betters, though, the potential for profit is still there thanks to a wonderful little thing known as the parlay.

Explanation of Parlay Betting for MMA
For those who aren’t familiar with the parlay, it is a form of bet that allows you to place one bet on multiple fights in order to increase your winnings. In order to win money betting on a favorite, you have to wager a much higher amount in order to reap the same profits. By betting on multiple fights with one bet, gamblers are able to wager on favorites and still see sizable winnings from a smaller initial investment. If you bet 100 dollars on Aleksandr Emelianenko or Josh Barnett to win their fights, respectively, your winnings will be fairly paltry. Betting 100 dollars on both guys to win, though, can increase your winnings substantially. Obviously, the odds get longer the more fights you parlay together, so a larger parlay will always result in a substantially larger payoff. Bovada offers parlay betting on MMA, and with many fights coming up there is no better time to try out this extremely profitable form of wagering.

When are Parlay Bets Good
What’s great about parlay betting is that it can serve as a sort of insurance policy on your other bets. If you want to risk money for big profits by betting on underdogs, parlaying an additional bet on some favorites for a smaller amount is a great way to minimize the losses if things don’t go your way. If you are feeling really adventurous, you could parlay a bet on all of Affliction’s favorites. It’s a decent way to ensure some winnings if the show has no surprises. Even if you choose not to risk it by picking substantial underdogs, a parlay can still provide you with a substantial money-making opportunity. A nice, safe parlay for the Affliction: Banned show would be to bet on Aleksandr Emelianenko, Josh Barnett, and Fedor Emelianenko. All three are sizable favorites with an extremely good chance of winning their fights, but by betting on all three to win, you can place a wager on three prohibitive favorites but still manipulate the odds in your favor so as to drive your winnings up substantially.

Parlays on Favorites and Underdogs
It should also be noted that you do not have to parlay bets on favorites only. Parlaying bets on multiple underdogs can provide huge winnings, but is clearly a far more risky proposition. I personally prefer to bet on underdogs individually to play it safe, and use the parlay for those times when I don’t see any upsets happening but want to make some money off a show anyway. No matter which approach you take, though, the parlay is an exciting aspect of MMA betting that allows gamblers the chance to make a good profit even on shows that aren’t otherwise ideal for gambling. I’d head over to Bet365.com and give it a try on this Affliction show, as it is a perfect candidate for a profitable parlay.