UFC betting tips

UFC betting strategies vary from person to person. The following are three of the best UFC betting tips that I depend on for every UFC event.

Rule 1 – Stay away from heavy favorites
This is a huge mistake that many new bettors make. I admit, I was guilty of this as well when I first started betting on sports. In the realm of UFC betting, avoiding this rule will turn you broke quicker than anything else. I don’t ever recommend betting on someone who is above a -400 favorite. I usually only go to about -300 or so on most of my bets, and even then I don’t wager as much as I would on an underdog.

Rule 2 – Don’t bet on every single fight
When you are new to betting, there’s a tendency to bet on as many events as possible. This is horrible thinking, because there are tons of fights that neither fighter has an edge. If there is no discernible edge, then why would you lay your money on a fight? If you’re just betting on the fight for the hell of it, make sure your bet is VERY SMALL and won’t hurt your bankroll if you lose.

Rule 3 – Always look to the underdogs
If you talk to any professional sports bettor, they will tell you that to profit in the long run, you must bet on more underdogs than favorites. Especially when you are betting on UFC fights, there is a larger amount of juice on the favorites, so you need to win at a MUCH higher ratio, then if you are picking underdogs. Granted the underdogs will not win as much, but over the long haul you have a much better chance of profiting if you are betting the doggies.

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