Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia Prediction – UFC 190

Rousey vs. Correia Prediction

UFC Womens Bantanweight Title Bout: Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia

Odds: ( -1500 Rousey / +700 Correia )

Betting Pick: Rousey via Parlay bet and Draft Kings

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UFC 190 comes to us LIVE from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main event features the most feared woman in all MMA, Ronda Rousey, and her opponent comes in as the number seven contender in the woman’s bantam-weight class, Bethe Correia. Before we discuss the attributes of each fighter, lets quickly explain how Bethe Correia “earned” her shot at the title. First, Ronda Rousey has torn her way through this weight class without even a speed bump to slow her down, which leaves her with no one else to fight. Second, Bethe Correia has a big mouth. Fortunately for her, she was able to back it up, well up at least until probably Saturday.  Now lets break it down and see if Correia actually has a fighting chance in UFC 190. 

Bethe Correia –

Bethe Correia is going to need to out-strike Rousey. I know that seems like a tall task but it’s really her only chance. Let’s logically think about this. Correia doesn’t want to get on the mat with Rouseyin fear of an imminent arm-bar. So with one of two choices being awful, we’ll say she should go with the former. Beating Rousey with clean striking isn’t an impossible task. Now, I’m not inferring it’s going to happen, but with a little patience, it’s possible. Let’s look at some of the Rousey fights that went longer than oh, a minute. These women didn’t just bum-rush Rousey, they held back and picked there spots, and most just unfortunately got caught in an arm-bar. Correia needs to pick her spots and let the match wind down. In reality though, its going to need to be a KO. Even with the best coaching, you’re not going to win a decision over Ronda Rousey, I don’t care if you are from Brazil or not. Correia needs to hang back and let Rousey initiate what she believes should happen, and counter. Last, if Correia gets taken to the mat she should probably get up, yesterday.

Ronda Rousey –

Not much more can be said about Rousey that already hasn’t. You can began with talking about her striking capabilities and how some critics don’t believe they are as clean as they should, and typically Rousey would respond by saying something along the lines of, they seem good enough. Then you can move on to her grappling skills and mention how they are possibly the best the MMA has ever seen. She understands fighting like a science. It’s more along the lines of a passion to learn the intricacies, than just fighting for a paycheck. She was blessed with the body, and mind to take what some of the greatest trainers in the world tell her, and put it all into action. Whether she decides to throw you on your back and ground-and-pound or use Judo in some fashion, this is an area in which Correia will want nothing of. Ultimately, Ronda will she an opening, toss her on her back and attempt to do what we are all accustomed to, win.

Prediction –

Even with the Vegas lines sitting at +700 for Correia, it’s still not enough for me to believe anyone should think there’s a chance of making good money. This one is just to lop-sided in every category to believe Correia has a chance. I predict that Rousey will win in the first round. Mousey is just to skilled to lose to someone that hasn’t seen the caliber of fighter that Rousey is.

WINNER by KO in the 1st Round – Ronda Rousey