The Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale Odds

Winner of Esparza/Penne vs. Winner of Namajunas/Markos

The second-to-last episode of the UFC Ultimate Fighter will feature two semi-final matches that will determine who will fight in the finale on December 12th, in Las Vegas, NV. The two matches we’ll witness this Wednesday will be Carla Esparza vs. Jessica Penne and Rose Namajuna vs. Randa Markos. If you’ve been able to follow the Ultimate Fighter this season, these are clearly the four best fighters. Here is how I see the rest of that season going down…

First lets talk about Carla Esparza. She is clearly the odds on favorite to win the Ultimate Fighter. Carla can feet from her feet and control the match from the mat if needed as well. Her last match that was aired just last week, showed how technically sound she is when fighting an opponent who was clearly stronger than she was. My only worry that I have for Carla is her conditioning. I understand these are all professional athletes, but in her last match when she knew that to win she needed to take the match to the match, she was gassed. Her shots were being rejected, and when she would catch a leg, she just wasn’t strong enough to finish most of them. Obviously since we’re still talking about her, she won, but Carla showed some weaknesses and a blueprint to takedown the favorite. I like her odds, but it is not going to be easy.

Jessica Penne can just plain scrap. Jessica has some seriously quick hand and it has shown in each of her fights so far this season. If she is going to have any chance against Carla Esparza, she better have Carlas’ previous match on constant replay. Jessica is going to need to make Carla work for every shot she takes. Jessica needs to do whatever she can to stay on her feet and gas Carla when she tries to take her down. After Jessica is able to spot Carla has the same look on her face as she did in her last fight, Jessica needs to use her hands to stock up on as many points as she can earn. If Jessica can stick to the blueprint that has been given to her, she has a chance to make it to the finals.

Randa Markos might be the toughest girl on the show. Each time she steps into the octagon, she has a chance to win. After her opening round win against Tecia Torres, she has been a force to be reckoned with. Randa might not be as technically sound as some of the other fighters but she might be the most dangerous fighter from the ground in the Ultimate Fighter. Her technical skills from the ground go back to her fights before her time on the Ultimate Fighter, winning a majority of her fights by submission, with many by armbar. The fighter style of her opponent Rose is what is going to make this fighter unlike any we have seen so far this season. Randa seems stronger than Rose and I believe she’ll want to control this fight from the ground to reduce the risk of begin struck with Rose’s crazy kicks and long arms. Although Rose has been known to submit many of her opponent, Randa should be able to use her strength to over-power Rose and land a submission to finish it. If Randa is to win this fight, the match-up with her against either of the two fights in the first semi-final match will be just as good.

Rose Namajunas has shown that if you can channel your pure emotions into aggression, you can become a champion. Rose has the body and skill set to become the Ultimate Fighter Champion. In her last match Rose showed that she can win a fighter from anywhere in the octagon. Every fight Rose comes out like a bull and places her opponents on their heels for the rest of the round. Her long arms and legs make for technical fighters to get in close to land any significant combinations. If Rose does decide to take the fight to the ground, she can contort her body if she feels in danger and normally end up on top. Rose used a kamora to end her last fight but Rose was clearly winning if it went to decision. If Rose is to make it to the finals, she is a serious threat to anyone. I like her chances to win her next fight against Randa Markos, and I sure haven’t counted her out of being crowned the overall champion.

Mr prediction for the final match is Carla Esparza vs. Rose Namajunas. Both of these fighters have shown they’re clearly the two best in the house. If this match is to happen, I see Rose coming out the winner. Rose clearly doesn’t have the ground skills as Carla but I think she’ll be able to keep her space and make her work for it. Rose will be able to land serious blows before Carla is able to take her down and win any points that may be left. These next three matches should be the best yet and I personally can’t wait for them.

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Esparza         (+150)
  • Namajunas   (-185) Odds

  • Esparza         (+150)
  • Namajunas   (-175) Odds

  • Esparza        (+158)
  • Namajunas  (-175)

Jeremy Stephens vs. Charles Oliveira

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Stephens  (-125)
  • Oliveira    (-105) Odds

  • Stephens  (-110)
  • Oliveira    (-110) Odds

  • Stephens  (-125)
  • Oliveira    (-105)

K.J. Noons vs. Daron Cruickshank

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Noons               (+160)
  • Cruickshank   (-200) Odds

  • Noons              (+165)
  • Cruickshank  (-190)

Yancy Medeiros vs. Joe Proctor

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Medeiros  (-260)
  • Proctor      (+200) Odds

  • Medeiros  (-240)
  • Proctor      (+205)

Loser of Esparza/Penne vs. Loser of Namajunas/Markos

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Markos  (-120)
  • Penne     (-110)

Felice Herrig vs.Lisa Ellis

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Herrig  (-350)
  • Ellis      (+265)

Angela Magana vs. Tecia Torres

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Magana  (+400)
  • Torres      (-600)

Joanne Calderwood vs. Seo Hee Ham

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Calderwood  (-550)
  • Hee Ham       (+375)

Heather Jo Clark vs. Bec Rawlings

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Clark          (+160)
  • Rawlings  (-200)

Alex Chambers vs. Aisling Daly

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Chambers  (+200)
  • Daly            (-260)

Angela Hill vs. Emily Kagan

Bovada.Iv Odds

  • Hill        (-175)
  • Kagan   (+145)

Make sure to Check back with us closer to fight night as I will have updated TUF 20 Finale Odds plus Fight Predictions.  To add a little excitement on fight night, you can bet on these fights at Bovada.Iv Odds

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