Draft Kings MMA – Game Types

DraftKings Fantasy MMA contests are the newest, safest, and most exciting way to make money wagering on UFC online. While each game is scored using the same system, DraftKings offers a variety of game types for you to compete in. We’ve put together this handy guide so that you can pick the right lobby for you!

DRaft Kings Betting Contests


Guaranteed contests are game lobbies with guaranteed prizes, regardless of whether the lobby fills or not. A guaranteed game can have anywhere from six players to upwards of one thousand. The payout range changes depending on the number of active players. Guaranteed games are the bread and butter of online MMA fantasy betting.


Think of qualifiers like you would satellite tournaments in online poker. In a Qualifier lobby, instead of competing for a cash prize, you are competing for a chance to enter an even larger lobby with substantially higher prizes. While there’s no immediate monetary profit for performing well in a qualifier, these lobbies are the best way to earn a chance at really huge profit without a high initial investment.


A Head-to-Head lobby is exactly what it sounds like. You and one other player compete against each other. One player wins, the other gets nothing. Obviously, this is a riskier game type because there is no grey area, you either win or lose. That said, Head-to-Head lobbies are the most competitive and strategic game types, and skilled players can exploit mismatches for tremendous returns.


50/50 lobbies are one of the safest and most attractive options for new players. In this game type, regardless of the number of players entered, everyone in the top half of performers gets paid out. Obviously, this means that your likelihood of getting paid out in a 50/50 game is substantially higher than other game types. Consequently, though, the payouts are usually lower. Not a great way to make a huge profit, but an excellent way to safely and steadily grow your bankroll.


Leagues are traditional draft lobbies, but with a more limited field. Leagues are great for things like office contests, betting against your friends, or just people looking for a smaller pool of opponents. Payouts are dependent on lobby size, but since league lobbies are generally smaller, only the top performers can really expect to profit.


Multipliers are similar to Leagues in that they are smaller lobbies, but in a Multiplier you are competing to win either 3x or 10x your entry fee. Because of these large payouts, only winners receive payments, so there is no “safety net” like you would have if you finished second or third in a normal League lobby. This is the high-risk, high-reward option for players looking to grow their bankroll as quickly as possible.


Steps lobbies are four-tiered games that work sort of like Qualifiers, except that you can buy in at any of the four steps. Only Step 4 lobbies offer an actual cash payout. In Steps 1-3, players are competing for a free ticket to the next Step. The advantage of this is that, with each Step, the buy-in price increases dramatically. By buying in on Step 1 and making it all the way through, you can see up to 100x return on your investment. While you can just buy in straight to Round 4, the real value here is in taking advantage of the early-Step buy in prices to get huge returns on small investments.


Beginner lobbies are are a great way for new players to get their feet wet. In a Beginner lobby, you will only be competing against other players who are new to DraftKings. To ensure that you’re only playing with other new players, it is only possible to compete in 50 total beginner lobbies per sport. For instance, a player who has competed in 50 UFC Beginner lobbies will no longer be able to enter a UFC beginner lobby, but would still be able to enter 50 lobbies for basketball, football, etc. This is a great way to get a feel for the game.

Now that you know your options, head over to DraftKings and play! They’ve got a lobby for everyone, so go have fun and make yourself some money! To learn more, check out our DraftKings review!