UFC Fight Night 124 – Kamaru Usman Vs. Emil Meek Predictions

Kamaru Usman is a strong contender and might just be the most confident fighter at the Scottrade Center on Sunday when UFC Fight Night 124 will unfold. To what does he owe the confidence? Well, for starters, his record currently is 11 wins and just one loss. His last ten fights have all been victories and he is looking pretty close to unstoppable at this point. In fact, his only loss came back in the year 2013 against Jose Caceres. His most recent fight was a flamboyant first round knockout. Most of his wins are not scrape throughs, in fact, he is known for his dominating style and brute force.

On paper, Usman has only one victory via submission and this may lead you to believe that being on the floor is not really his forte, however, the numbers are a bit misleading and Usman is actually a good grappler, it is just that he usually does not get into that situation and is able to finish his opponents of in other ways.

Emil Meek’s record is not shabby either. He has 9 wins to his name, 2 ties, and 1 loss. Like Usman, Meek is good at knocking opponents out. Over a third of his victories have been courtesy of knockouts and his last four fights have all been solid victories.

For our prediction, it is hard not to root for the favorite here. Usman is just too strong of a force for Meek to reckon with.

Author : Rory McGregor