UFC 219 Predictions – Cris Cyborg Vs. Holly Holm

The fight card for UFC 219 features a fight from the women’s featherweight division that most fans are highly anticipating. Traditionally, it is easy to see that the women’s MMA has never really been something that the UFC has placed much emphasis over, at least not as much as what is given to the men’s fights. This was especially evident in the fact that the weren’t really giving much thought to the fixtures either and often pitted fighters against each other that were really worlds apart in terms of quality, experience, etc. New comers that were still green behind the ears were put up against the likes of champions. However, in case of Holly Holm and Cris Cyborh, this uncompetitive pattern was broken. Both fighters were already renowned prior to entering the UFC and they were both confident about being able to take on and beat Ronda Rousey who was the holy grail of women’s fighting at the time.
After a chain of events that nobody could have predicted, the time has come for these women to face against each other as the headline women’s fight in UFC 219. They have contrasting fighting styles, Cyborg has great range with her punches and several knockouts to her name, while Holm is more of a patient fighter that strikes on the counter and is also very good at dodging strikes effectively.
In terms of predictions, this is going to be a close one to call. In out books, Cyborg will take victory if she is able to connect. We are going to go with a TKO victory to Cyborg.

Author : Rory McGregor

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