UFA 218 – Max Holloway Vs. Frankie Edgar Predictions

Max Holloway took his time to reach the top, but when he eventually got there, he had left a wake of destruction like no other. Two years ago, the Hawaiian fighter put up with fight after fight that seemed to take him nowhere given that he was already at the top of the featherweight division, but Holloway went in and held on to his worthy spot each time. He came up against all sorts of opponents from new hot prospects, to aging starts, to established veterans and always managed to come out on top.

He was eventually given a fight that meant progress for him – he fought Jose Aldo and beat him convincingly. There were only a handful of fighters that he had not yet faced and conquered, and Frankie Edgar is one of those fighters.

Edgar, the ex – lightweight champ, now (since 2013) fights in the featherweight category and has always been around the top ranks. Even though he is not the youngest fighter out there, Edgar has managed to remain nimble, agile and quick on his feet. He is now 36, and most believe this is essentially his last real chance at clinching gold again in the UFC.

Holloway is physically bigger, younger, and certainly more lustful for victory here and we cannot see how Edgar could face his wrath and come out on top. However, knowing Edgar Davis, he has come out on top when you least expected it in the past and what is to say he cannot do it again right here at UFC 218? It Edgar wants to give himself a chance, he will have to hit hard and connect during the early stages of the fight, the longer it goes on, the more it will turn out in Holloway’s favor.

In terms of prediction – Holloway to win by TKO.

Author : Rory McGregor

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