UFC 211 More Predictions: Frankie Edgar Vs. Yair Rodriguez

UFC211: Frankie Edgar Vs. Yair Rodriguez

It is no secret that fighters are going to find it extremely difficult to demand performance based pay raises in the UFC because the truth is that a key factor in the algorithm when it comes to match making is to ensure exactly that this does not happen. This is also the reason why the UFC is not particularly great when it comes to nurturing young talent and prospects. However, Yair Rodriguez was supposed to be an exception to this rule.

He comes to the UFC as the winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America 1 and this makes a highly sellable commodity in the market. He pulls huge crowds and ratings and has some spectacular moves in the ring to justify it. Given his popularity and marketability, one would have assumed that the UFC would put him on fixtures to ensure gradual growth and development as a fighter, but alas, instead, the UFC has put him against what we think will be too much for him to handle when he comes up against former champion Frankie Edgar.

Our prediction for this one? Frankie Edgar should not have too much trouble putting away Yair Rogdiguez, it will likely go the judges where Edgar should come out on top.

UFC 211: Eddie Alvarez Vs. Dustin Poirier

Eddie Alvarez hit some peaks in 2016 and also some lows. Last year was very eventful for him to say the least considering the ups and downs that he went through. It all began when he beat Anthony Pettis after the fight went to the judges and he was called the winner by unanimous decision. This victory essentially pitted him against then title holder Rafael Dos Anjos whom he was able to, in an almost film like scripted fight, beat and become the new champion. However, the joy was short lived for Eddie Alvarez who was tasked with defending the title for the first time and failed miserably. He was up against none other than Conor McGregor, McGregor destroyed him.

Alvarez will now be looking to come back strong and show everyone what he is made of. However, it is easier said than done considering that Alvarez will face Dustin Poirier who has been really good since moving up to the lightweight division and is currently 5 – 1. Poirier, who is also known as the Diamond should certainly be able to put Alvarez through his paces. However, we believe that Alvarez’ boxing ability should come through and so we will go with a Alvarez to win by TKO prediction for this bout.

Author : Rory McGregor

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