The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale – Jake Ellenberger vs. Jorge Masvidal

We have patiently waiting for December 3rd in order to witness The Ultimate Fighter 24 finale and the wait is now drawing to a close and the excitement has reached fever pitch. The main card features some mouth watering match ups as gifted fighters from all over the world try to prove their mettle in the cage. The fans are going to have an absolute blast watching The Ultimate Fighter 24 finale come December 3rd and it also serves as a great opportunity for  punters to make some serious money if they are clever about who to put their money on. One of the fights that is generating a lot of talk and speculation is that of Jake Ellenberger Vs. Jorge Masvidal.

Despite having a lower cage rank than his opponent, Masvidal has been tipped to win this fight by book keepers. However, it is going to be a very close call and in fact may just be one of the most closely contested fights of the night. Both fighters weigh in at 169 lbs and are both in their early thirties (Ellenberger is 31 and Masvidal is 32).

However, Masvidal has a height advantage as he stands two feet taller than Ellenberger. Masvidal is 5 foot 11 inches whereas Ellenberger measures 5 foot nine inches. Even though Masvidal is taller, Ellenberger still has the same reach as Masvidal at 73 inches.

The things which Masvidal has going for him are – he has a stronger jaw, he is taller, better on the floor, and puts up a determined fight.

Ellenberger on the other hand has a much better take down defense and is also a quick finisher.

We will have to wait and watch how it all plays out.

Author : Rory McGregor