Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Prediction

Coming to us LIVE from the MGM Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the fight we’ve all been waiting for, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Quite possibly the most anticipated fight of the century is nearly upon us. Floyd Mayweather is placing his undefeated record against the one man that wants to take it away from him the most, Manny Pacquiao. For years we have been begging for this to happen, and although some say the time lapse has taken away from the fights magnitude, I respectfully disagree. Arguably both fighters have passed their prime in the ring but their star power has not diminished. This fight could have been scheduled a year from now and still, all of us, would have been on the edge our seats when the first bell rings. I personally cant wait until that first bell rings to see how this fight unfolds, but here’s a look into how I believe this fight will go…

Manny Pacquiao 

Manny has all of the intangibles to be able to have his hand raised at the end fight but its how he uses them that will determine the outcome. It’s clear to many that Manny has the edge in power between the two. His feet are fast as lightning much like his fist. I believe Manny is going to throw punches in the plethora and is going to try and come down on Mayweather like an avalanche. Recently his trainer has eluded to the violent power and aggressiveness behind Manny’s punches during training sessions. Oh, and that trainer, has been behind the mitts for several years now, that’s just scary. Furthermore, Pacquiao wants this one, badly. With all of the media attention this fight has attained over the drug testing, and money complications, I believe Manny just wants to fight, like now. Having grown-up in Vegas and seen a few boxing matches in my days, here’s my advice for Manny. Hit Floyd, and hit him really hard. That’s deep right?  Seriously though, how many times have we seen Floyd been dazed or knocked back, the answer is rarely. Pac-Man needs to get in close and take away any pop-and-move advantage Mayweather might have. I think we’re going to see a side of Pacquiao we’re not accustomed to, and I think we’re all going to like it. I want to see the fighter, not the politician. Come out hard and don’t stop until Floyd waves the white towel. Make Mayweather go back to his mansion and realize what being human actually feels like.

Floyd Mayweather

Patience may not be something normally attributed to Mayweather, but he’s going to need it to finish this fight. Manny hasn’t fought anyone the skill-level of Mayweather and I think it’s going to show. Floyd may not have the knockout power that other fighters in his class have but he understands how to win, and if you look to any other great athlete, they all had it. Floyd’s hands are fast and his counter-punches are even faster. Pacquiao likes to use his quick feet to move in and out of the pocket and strike as he moves forward. This is believe will make Mayweather salivate. Mayweather is going to wait until Pacquiao being to move forward and strike. Now I don’t believe that Mayweather has the one-punch knockout power needed to place Pacquiao on his back but he doesn’t need it. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Mayweather wants this fight just as bad as Pacquiao but Mayweather understands that to win this fight, it will need to be treated as a marathon, not a sprint. Mayweather is going to want to keep Pacquiao at a distance and counter on the mistakes Pacquiao will inevitably make. Floyd, make Pacquiao go back to politics in his suit and tie and have him realize it’s time hang up the gloves.


I see this fight going one of two ways. Either Pacquiao will land a shot and send Mayweather to the mat forcing him to retire and wish he’d never set this fight up in the first place. Or, Mayweather is going to win by decision. I’m slightly leaning towards the latter. When it comes to boxing strategy in the ring, I don’t think there’s anyone smarter than Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Mayweather is going to have a game plan and is going to stick to it, Pacquiao on the other hand I believe won’t be able to control the aggression and in turn leave too many openings for Mayweather.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather  – Decision

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

  • Mayweather   (-21 0)
  • Pacquiao         (+170)
  • Over 11.5 Rounds      (-310)
  • Under 11.5 Rounds   (+240)