UFC 123: Mark Munoz vs. Aaron Simpson Prediction

UFC Middleweight bout:  Aaron Simpson vs. Mark Munoz

Odds:  (+120 Simpson /-150 Munoz )

Betting Pick:  Munoz

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The evening’s third bout is a well-crafted Middleweight showdown pitting two guys against each other who entered UFC after WEC closed the higher weight classes, as Aaron “A-Train” Simpson takes on former NCAA National Wrestling champion Mark Munoz. Both of these guys have solid boxing and heavy hands, but Munoz has a high-level wrestling pedigree that Simpson has never had to deal with, so he is going to have his hands full in this one.

Aaron Simpson, whose only career loss came in his last fight against Chris Leben, is a very tough brawler with knockout power and serviceable wrestling. While not the most technical fighter in the world, Simpson is very aggressive and willing to lay it all on the line to throw huge shots. Anyone he catches with a power punch is potentially in a lot of trouble.

Munoz, a very skilled wrestler with heavy hands and good technical boxing, is a very dangerous opponent for anyone. His boxing is very good, and if he decides to take a fight to the ground there are not many people who can prevent it. In addition, he is great at using the clinch to stifle opponents and work a very effective dirty boxing game.

I don’t see Simpson having much of a chance in this one. Munoz is probably the superior technical boxer and has at least as much knockout power. More importantly, though, Munoz works much better in the clinch and has top-notch wrestling to fall back on. I think he will physically dominate Simpson and eventually T/KO him on the ground.

Prediction:  Mark Munoz via second round T/KO.

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