Ultimate Fight Night 13 picks and predictions

I’ve been going over the UFN 13 odds for the past two hours and I can’t understand how some of these underdogs have such good odds.  I really can’t find value in any of the favorites for the night besides Din Thomas, so this looks like its going to be a great night for betting the dogs…. The following odds are from Bodog

Joe Lauzon (+160) vs. Kenny Florian (-200)

  •  Joe Lauzon is getting some great odds here at +160.  He might have big ears, but the kid can fight.  Kenny Florian is grabbing the majority of action in this bout at the sportsbooks, so I like siding with Joe here for that reason as well…  I dont put as much stock into Joe training with BJ Penn as the others bettors seem to be, but I think it should help him a bit.  These are some solid odds on Joe…
  • My bet: $50 on Joe Lauzon (+160) to win $80

Karo Parisyan (-180) vs. Thiago Alves (+150)

  •  I’ll conceed that I think Karo is a better fighter than Thiago here.  But to have Thiago at +150 is giving Karo way too much credit.  Thiago has some solid standup game and his kicks are very, very solid.  I think at +150 Thiago is a great bet…
  • My bet: $50 on Thiago Alves(+150) to win $75

Din Thomas (-180) vs Josh Neer (+150)

  •  Din Thomas has a great ground game, especially his jiu jitsu game.  His takedowns and standup are also very solid.  I think he’s better than Josh Neer in pretty much every technical category.  I figured Din was going to be a -220 or so favorite for this fight, so a -180 line offers some good value for us.
  • My bet: $100 on Din Thomas(-180) to win $55

Other good bets

  • James Irvin +190
  • Anthony Johnson +205 (How is Tommy Speer a -265 fav)
  •  Tim Boetsch +145

Bet on UFN 13

  • Add some fun to your fight night tonight and bet on Ultimate Fight Night 13.  This is going to be a huge night for us bettors.  We recommend Bodog as our #1 rated sportsbook.  Check it out now