UFC 82 picks and predictions – Who ya bettin on?

UFC 82 predictions

UFC 82 takes place on Saturday March 1st in Columbus, Ohio. The main bout for the night is between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. I’ve been on a pretty good roll lately with our picks for all MMA events… Here’s my recent record for those interested.

  • UFC 79:   2-1   +$190
  • UFC 80:   1-2   +$50
  • UFC 81:   1-2    +$0
  • EliteXC :  1-0   +$38.50

Any night we can make some cash is a good night betting on MMA.  Now let’s get onto our picks for UFC 82.

UFC 82 picks and predictions

Anderson Silva (-150) vs. Dan Henderson (+120)

  •  Well this is the big fight of the night, and the one that true MMA fans have been waiting for.  Anderson Silva comes into this bout as a -150 favorite at most MMA sportsbooks and looks to be literally unstoppable.  While I’ve been drinking the “Spider” juice as well lately, Silva doesn’t look to be the smart bet in this main event.  After speaking with the bookmaker at Bodog, he stated to me that “bets for this fight are coming in at a 2-1 ratio in favor of Silva over Hendo”.  If you’ve followed my betting strategy before, you’ll know that I love going against the public, especially for main bouts in the UFC.  It’s a winning strategy and it continues to keep being profitable time and time again.
  • My bet : $150 on Dan Henderson at (+120) to win $180

Cheick Kongo
(-175) vs.  Heath Herring (+145)

  •  I’ve been back and forth on this fight for the past week trying to figure out if I want to make a play on Herring.  I really like the odds were getting here on Herring, and I think Kongo has a lot of weaknesses in his ground game that could cause him some problems.  Heath Herring is a veteran of the sport and has a ton more experience than Kongo, but he also has problems standing up and banging with guys.  At +145 I can’t resist throwing a few bones down on Heath.
  • My bet: $25 on Heath Herring at (+145) to win $36.25

Yushin Okami (-220) vs. Evan Tanner (+170)

  • From a straight predictions standpoint, I think Okami will probably beat Evan Tanner.  However we’re grabbing +170 odds here for Evan Tanner, who’s returning to the octagon after a long layoff and his battle to overcome his alcohol problems.  I’m probably going to lay off this fight, but if you’re an action junkie, getting some +170 odds on a hungry Evan Tanner looks solid to me.
  • My bet: No bet for this fight

Josh Koscheck (-500) vs. Dustin Hazlett (+350)

  • WHAT??? This line is way, way off.  I like Josh Koscheck as much as the next guy, but to put him at -500 over Dustin Hazlett is a mistake.  Koscheck had a decent showing against GSP at UFC 74 and took out Diego Sanchez at UFC 69, but I’m not gonna anoint him as the next big thing yet.   Hazlett is very good at submissions, and he’s no can on his feet either.  Will Koscheck win this fight?  Most likely, but at these odds I’m willing to take a shot on the Ohio boy in front of his home crowd at UFC 82.
  • My bet : $50 on Dustin Hazlett at (+350) to win $175

Where should I bet on UFC 82