Kimbo or Tank? Find out where the smart money is going…

Elite XC “Street Certified” goes off this Saturday night, with the main bout being between Youtube phenom Kimbo Slice and long time MMA fighter Tank Abbott. This fight has been hyped pretty well and will definitely be an interesting night for bettors and MMA fans alike.

The odds for this fight are as follows

  • Kimbo Slice (-450)
  • Tank Abbott (+300)

Picks and Predictions for Kimbo v. Tank

  • The odds for this fight have not moved much since they first came out. Kimbo Slice was a -350 favorite when the lines came out a month ago and have since moved to -450. Kimbo is obviously the fan favorite, and the odds for this fight are reflecting that. According to the new odds, the bookmakers are giving Kimbo an 81% chance to win this fight. While I love Kimbo like the rest of you, he shouldn’t be an 81% favorite in his second MMA fight.
  • Tank Abbott comes into this fight with a ton of baggage and a huge losing streak. At 42 years of age, Tank has had a rough go at it in his recent fights.  He’s boasting a lackluster 1-7 record in his last 8 fights. People who remember Tank from the nineties understand that he was once a good fighter, but he’s really fallen off the radar since then. As the odds change, they continue to help Tank and I think this makes him the best value bet in this fight. The smart money will definitely be bet on Tank. With that said, I won’t be putting any substantial amount of money down on this fight. There’s way too many unknowns with each fighter to bet a lot on this fight. This is the perfect fight to throw a few bones down on and cheer for whoever you bet on.

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