UFC 79 picks – UFC 79 predictions

UFC 79 picks

UFC 79 is right around the corner, so its time for my UFC 79 picks to be published. As of now, we have odds available for 3 fights, so I’ll go over those 3 in this post.

Chuck Liddell (-105) vs. Wanderlei Silva (-125)

  • Chuck Liddell has been off his game for his past two fights and bettors have been taking note. According to an interview I did with Bodog this past week, the bets are coming in at a 5-1 rate in favor of Wanderlei Silva. That is a huge rate for a fight that has pretty even odds. As you know I love to go against the public opinion, and this situation is stacking up perfectly. This looks like a great spot for Liddell, so Im gonna put $210 on Chuck.
  • My bet : $210 on Liddell to win $200 at Bodog

Matt Hughes (+190) vs. Georges St. Pierre (-240)

  • Georges St. Pierre is a decent favorite in this fight, and he should be. The oddsmakers for this fight are giving Matt Hughes approximately a 30-35% chance to win this fight. I think Hughes should at least have a 40% chance to win this bout, so I do see some value in betting Matt Hughes. I’m gonna make a small play on Hughes in this fight.
  • My bet : $50 on Hughes +190 to win $95 at BetUS

Lyoto Machida (-130) vs. Rameau Sokoudjou (EV)

  • I really have no opinion either way on this bout, and I’m not gonna place a bet. I think the line is just right so there is really no value to gain by betting on this fight. If I had a gun to my head, I’d take Rameau at +100.

Melvin Guillard (-225) vs. Rich Clementi (+185)

  • I sort of like Melvin Guillard in this spot, but Im not sure I will bite on the -225 line. Melvin Guillard is an awesome fighter with a 20-6-2 record and has shown some great improvements in his past 2-3 fights. If I can find a -105 line I will put $50 on Melvin
  • My bet : No bet as of now

Sao Palelei (-140) vs. Eddie Sanchez (+110)

  • Ughh what an ugly fight this is. I’m not really sure why this is even a main card fight. Sao Paleleihasn’t been in the ring for what seems like a century and Eddie Sanchez hasn’t really shown us anything to prove he’s a good enough fighter to bet on. There’s too many unknowns with this fight to make a smart bet on it, so I’ll pass.

Luis Cane (-200) vs. James Irvin (+160)

  • Luis Cane is a bit of a mystery to me. He has a great MMA record of 7-0 but I’ve yet to see much of him. James Irvin is coming back from a knee injury that put him out of the loop for a while. Before the injury Irvin had some solid wins and I think this will be a big comeback fight for him. He’s probably been itching to get back in the octagon, so this bout will mean a lot to him.
  • My bet : $25 on James Irvin (+160) at Bodog

Other fights

  • I have no opinion on the last three fights and won’t be putting any money on them.

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