Best MMA & UFC sportsbooks

Since MMA and UFC betting are relatively new to the online sportsbooks, many new bettors don’t know where to look to place their bets. As a professional sports bettor, I’ve deposited and wagered at over 30 online sportsbooks in the past year, and I’ve found the best sportsbooks for MMA and UFC betting.

The 3 best MMA sportsbooks – Bodog has been around the online gambling industry since 1995, and have a rock solid reputation as a great sportsbook, poker site and casino. Bodog puts out odds on all major UFC events, as well as BodogFight, Ultimate Fighter and International Fight League. Bodog also accepts bettors from every country except Canada. Overall, they are usually my favorite sportsbook to bet MMA fights with. Not to mention, I like to play a little poker and dabble in the casino from time to time. Read a more in depth review of Bodog Life – BetUS is striving hard to take over the market for UFC betting. They have done a great job promoting their UFC page, with podcasts and interviews of top fighters. Most of the time, they have lines up early for UFC events, and their odds are usually better than other sites if you are wagering on the favorite. I haven’t seen odds yet for non UFC events, but if they do I will post it on here. Read a more indepth review of – offers lines pretty early for UFC events. They have been increasing the amount of odds they post for non UFC events recently, which is a great sign…and I hope it continues. has a funny rule, that they ONLY accept U.S. residents. I don’t really understand it, but if you’re not a U.S. citizen don’t try to sign up here.

There’s my top 3 mma sportsbooks. I’m sure other sportsbooks will begin to add MMA and especially UFC betting, but as of now, these are the top online sportsbooks.