UFC Fight Night 217 – Stephen Thompson Vs. Jorge Masvidal

For anyone who is a fan, this UFC Fight Night 217 bout is going to be of high entertainment value. The two fighters have very different styles. On one hand we have a Karateka with flair and on the other end of the ring is an experienced boxer with some serious hands and skills. If that is not a great setup for an entertaining fight, we don’t know what is.

Entertainment value aside, this fight is a serious one for both fighters and there is a lot at stake. They are both at pivotal points in their fighting careers and this is one of those make or break fights that will determine a lot going forward. Sadly, only one fighter can come out on top. Stephen Thompson is pretty up high in the rankings, but surprisingly he has actually not won a fight since last year. He did get a couple of big chances to make a mark this year, but was not really able to capitalize on them. The pressure is now on for him and he will have to really get this one in the bag or he will start slipping very quickly indeed.

Jorge Masvidal, has been walking a fine line so far. He has had a good share of wins, but has failed to really string together a decent winning streak so far and hence has never been able to really progress up the rankings. It’s only one of them that can hang on to their spot after fight night 217, the question is – who is it going to be?

Thompson is the more experienced fighter and is the favorite here, but Masvidal is a master tactician that can adapt to different opponents. We will have to side with Thompson here. His striking is nearly flawless and we don’t see how Masvidal can fend him off for too long.

Author : Rory McGregor

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