UFC 213 Predictions – Robbie Lawler Vs. Donald Cerrone

The men’s welterweight division does have a rather tasty offering for the UFC 213 fight card. Robbie Lawyer will be taking on Donald Cerrone on July 8th, come UFC 213 in the famous T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Robbie Lawler is not just a revered and able fighter but one who is even feared. He has shown that he is not only capable of beating his opponents, but beating them pretty hard and pretty badly. There have not been too many fighters that have gotten into the octagon with Robbie Lawler and come out unscathed, they often end up in bad shape to say the least. Lawler is renowned for his devastating blows and merciless strategies. However, this does not seem to phase Donald Cerrone who is willing to try his luck.

In his own right, Donald Cerrone himself can put an opponent to sleep pretty effectively. They don’t call Donald Cerrone “The Cowboy” for no reason. He is packing some serious fire power and can really pack a punch. He is known for his finishing skills and they certainly are going to be tested against Lawler. One of the things that is going to attract viewers to this fight is that neither of these fighters hold back, they really don’t like to play defensive or be on the back foot all the time. From the moment the fight gets underway, they are going to be lashing out at each other with everything they’ve got. In terms of records, it stands – Robbie Lawyer (27-11) and Donald Cerrone (32-8).

They are both returning from losses and will be looking to get back on winning ways. No wonder this has been termed the “People’s main event” for UFC 213.

Prediction – Robbie Lawyer to win by unanimous decision.

Author : Rory McGregor

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