UFC 213 Predictions – Alistair Overeem Vs. Fabricio Werdum

The only heavyweight fight of UFC fight night 213 comes in the form of Alistair Overeem taking on Fabricio Werdum. These two certainly have a history. If there is one fight on the cards that may be highly technical and well weighted then it is going to be Overeem Vs. Werdum. Both fighters are highly experienced and have fought competitively for many years now. However, they are also familiar with each other’s fighting styles , techniques, advantages and disadvantages like no two other fighters. It seems like they somehow wind up coming up against each other, and come July 8th on OFC 213 in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada they will both get a chance to settle the score once and for all.

In terms of their records, they stand at Alistair Overeem ( 42 – 15 ) and Fabricio Werdum ( 21 – 6 – 1 ). The first time that the pair faced off was over a decade ago back in 2006. It was Werdum who came out on top that day as he managed to put Overeem in a guillotine choke which Overeem had no way out of and ended up tapping out. However, Overeem was able to avenge his defeat in 2011 in Strikeforce in heavyweight grand prix where they threw hands. The fight went through its paces and lasted all the rounds. Overeem succeeded this time in dodging and evading Werdum’s grapple attacks and was crowned the winner by unanimous decision.

While the previous two fights have been in respectable tournaments, it was no UFC! This time, there is a lot at stake and neither fighter is going to hold back. Their previous fights have been entertaining fights, but this is set to be a real block buster. The situation at the moment is that the heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic does not have a worthy contender, and the winner of this fight may very well fit that spot perfectly! Neither of these men are getting any younger and they will not be getting too many title shots in the future, this is an opportunity like no other, but who can make it count?

The fact of the matter is that Overeem has looked in great shape both physically and mentally despite his loss to Miocic recently. Werdum’s strategy is going to be wait for Overeem to let his guard down and go for a grapple to wrap up the fight.

Prediction – Overeem to win be technical knockout.

Author : Rory McGregor

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