UFC Fight Night 110 : Vinc Pichel Vs. Damien Brown / Luke Jumeau Vs. Dominique Steele

Vinc Pichel Vs. Damien Brown 

Damien Brown will be high on confidence given that he has not just taken on the likes of Cesar Arzamendia and Jon Tuck, but has also defeated them in the very recent past. Brown is an Australian fighter and won’t be too far away from home when he fights Vinc Pichel in Auckland on June 10th in the UFC 110 Fight Night in Auckland.

Brown is a good all rounder and has sharp striking skills which makes him a force to be reckoned with no matter who he is up against. His ground game is also solid and he has been in top physical shape and has been able to fight quite frequently with four competitive fights just in the previous year.

On the contrary, Pichel has not been anywhere as active as Brown. Pichel has been out of action for the previous three years. A sabbatical of such a lengthy duration can make anyone rather rusty upon their return irrespective of how often and how hard you have been training. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Pichel is an underdog in the fight and Brown is a strong favorite.

However, even though he has been out of action for a substantial period of time, it is not to say that Pichel was not getting results before his temporary retirement. He was on a great run until he was put on the sidelines in 2014 after back to back losses at the hands of Garret Whiteley and Anthony Njokunal. Pichel certainly is an exciting fighter to watch and a fan favorite. He is aggressive and heavy handed.

Prediction – Despite being out of action for three long years, we predict an upset here with underdog Vinc Pichel to win by unanimous decision.


Luke Jumeau Vs. Dominique Steele

Fighting in the 170 lbs category are Luke Jumeau and Dominique Steele who will face on in Auckland Fight Night on June 10th. Luke Jumeau (11-3) is also known as The Jedi and he has been on the raise since he lost at the hands of Jingliang Li and Jake Matthews. Since these two defeats, Jumeau has been able to turn his form around and has looked solid in his last six wins, which have all been victories. His most recent fight was against highly experienced Vik Grujic whom he took on and knocked out in the second round.

Jumeau has five wins by knockouts to his name. Will he be able to add Dominique Steel to this list?

Dominique Steele is actually entering the Octagon to face Jumeau after his previous two fights have been losses. However, these were both unanimous decisions and both were really close calls which could have gone his way on a different day. Prior to the two unanimous losses, Jumeau took on Dong Hyun Kim and knocked him out with a spectacular slam. Jumeau’s strengths are his set of heavy hands and he also has some deadly low kicks in his arsenal which can be really devastating when he connects.

Dominique Steele, will be hungry for a win. He has suffered four knock outs in the recent past and has a lot to prove to himself if not to everyone else. His strategy will be to stay in the fight and run the clock down while tiring out Jumeau and slowly raking up technical points in order to win by decision.

Prediction – while Jumeau is a little bit of a favorite, we think Steele really can change his form with this match with a win by unanimous decision.

Author : Rory McGregor

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