UFC Fight Night 208: Predictions Part 4

Paul Felder Vs. Gibert Burns

It is almost difficult to believe that there was once a time when Gilbert Burns was talked of as a prospect that was regarded as a must – see and was said to have jaw dropping potential. Gone are those days, Burns is now just another middling lightweight fighter in the eyes of the UFC. Burns, come UFC fight night 208, will take on Paul Felder and is going in as the underdog. How will this fight or its outcome effect the dynamics and flow of future fights? Well, this is one of those fights which honestly is just being fought for the sake of it and may not do much apart from possibly further shortening his career.

Nik Lentz Vs. Islam Makhachev

Islam Makhachev is not favored here at all, but anything is possible in the UFC. Makhachev will mostly be looking to survive as many bouts as he can and creep in with a finishing submission when Lentz least expects it. The odds of that happening though, are not great. Lentz is still the topi cof discussion when it comes to whether or not he fits into the lightweight division. The outcome of this fight will do very little answer that question though.

Ian McCall Vs. Neil Seery

McCall’s career so far in the UFC has been injury ridden, but for once he looks to be in good shape and is taking on Neil Seery who is not really a much of challenge for him and McCall should have no issues putting this one to bed.

Author : Rory McGregor