The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale – Henry Cejudo vs. Joseph Benavidez

The Ultimate Fighter Finale 24 is right around the corner and the main card is looking increasingly more exciting by the day. The Ultimate Fighter Finale 24 is scheduled to take place on December 3rd and mixed marital art fans and punters alike all over the world simply cannot seem to wait for it.

Having said that, let us dive right into one of the fights that is on the main card. Joseph Benavidez takes on Henry Cejudo. They are both comparatively shorter fighters and both measure 5 foot 4 inches and weigh in at 125 lbs each. Henry Cejudo is the younger fighter and is 29 years old whereas Joseph Benavidez is three years older at 32.

The bookies seem to favor the older, more experienced Benavidez. They have him at 87% chances of winning and suggest that he will win by a knock out in the second round. This is despite the fact that Benavidez holds a much lower cage rank at 2,082 when compared to Cejudo who is placed at 1,749th rank.

The only apparent upper hand that Cejudo seems to have is the fact that he is around ten percent younger than Benavidez. However, Benavidez has the edge in multiple facets, including, a much better submission offense, quicker finishes, defensively more sound, has a much stronger jaw, and is certainly also go the heavier hands among the two of them.

Cejudo’s only chance seems like a freak knock out or capitalizing on a jarring error made by Benavidez or he may emerge victorious by decision. It is very unlikely that Cejudo will win by submission since that is not his strong suit at all.

Author : Rory McGregor