The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale – Anthony Smith vs. Elvis Mutapcic

December 3rd will be the day on which Anthony Smith takes on Elvis Mutapic in a highly anticipated fight in The Ultimate Fighter 24 Finale. Anthony Smith is known as the Lionheart, he weighs in at 184 lbs, he stands 6 foot 4 inches tall, he is 28 years old and has a massive reach of 77 inches.

On the other hand, his opponent Elvis Mutapcic is also known as the King. He weighs in exactly at 184 lbs too, but is shorter by 4 inches at 6 foot. Mutapici is two  years older than Smith at 30 years of age.

Mutapcic is pitted in the cage rankings at 1,905 while Smith is over a hundred ranks or so higher at 1781 cage rank. The book keepers seem to favor Mutapic in this one and have given him a 67% chance of winning the fight. A suggested bet to place would be to go for Mutapcic for the win by a third round knock out.

Elvis Mutapcic has some inherent advantages over Smith. It is clear that Mutapcic is the better grapler of the two and will most certainly be looking to get the fight to the floor every chance he gets. He also has a stronger jaw among the two fighters. He is also known for his endurance, and can fight with a level head well into the late rounds without showing considerable fatigue or signs of giving up.

Smith’s most apparent advantage is the fact that he is a lot taller and will literally be towering over Mutapcic, and he is also more than 5% younger than Mutapcic. Will he be able to harness his height advantage and actually beath Mutapcic? We will have to wait for December 3rd to find out.

Author : Rory McGregor