UFC Fight Night 101 – Where All The Excitement Is

Firstly, let us talk about the where and the when. UFC fight night 101 is scheduled to occur on the 27th of November starting at 10:30 am and the venue for the fight night has been uncovered as Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

UFC fight night 101 will consist of a fight card which is comprised of 13 fights in all of which 12 are men’s fights and there is one women’s bout. The first preliminary fight is due will begin at noon and then the six fights on the main card will get underway starting at two in the afternoon. The fight night will also feature eight Australian talents including the likes of Robert Whittaker and Jake Matthews which will actually be one of the main events.

How will fight night 101 compare to UFC 193

UFC fight night 193 which also took place in Melbourne was one of the most action packed fight nights. However, there are some fundamental differences between fight night 193 and the now much anticipated fight night 101. UFC fight night 193 actually had two belts or championships up for grabs. Also, the marketing and attraction that Ronda Rousey vs. Holy Holm brought to fight night 193 is almost unprecedented. Ronda Rousey was favorite to win going in, but Holy Holm shocked the world by defeating Rousey.

Why should I look forward to UFC fight night 101

Well, It might not be Rousey vs. Holm and there may be only one title up for grabs, but fight night 101 still has a lot to offer. It is a platform for upcoming talent Whittaker who gets another chance to inch closer to a middle weight title shot.

He will be coming up against Brunson. If Whittaker is able to take the victory, then his next fight will almost certainly be against a fighter ranked in the top five and if he can win that then he will surely secure the number one contender fight.

From a punters point of view, we think Whittaker has too much to lose, and so will be very well dialed in, focused and is going to prove to be too much for Brunson to deal with.

Author : Rory McGregor