UFC Fight Night 101 – The Prelims

Leading up to the main event, UFC Fight Night 101 this time actually features prelims wherein which is the first section of an exciting two-part undercard series that promises to throw some light on some of the world’s greatest fighters. This event will take place in the land down under in Melbourne, Australia. Without any further ado, let us take a look at some of the fights confirmed on the fight card and what the odds are looking like.

Seo Hee Ham vs. Danielle Taylor

Seo Hee Ham was looking virtually unstoppable with 6 consecutive wins until she was, against all odds, beaten Joanne Calderwood. Calderwood used both punches and flying knees exceptionally well in order to deafeat Seo Hee Ham and take the victory on her Octagon debut.

However, Seo Hee Ham then came back strong and swinging against Courtney Casey and won by unanimous decision. Some might say it was a close call though.

Seo Hee Ham at 5’2″ has a whole two inches over the 5 foot zero inches Danielle Taylor.

Danielle who is also known as “Dynamite”. She has only lost once in her career and it came on her most recent outing against Maryna Moroz. Danielle was stepping in for Justine Kish who had to back out of the fight. Danielle lost in a split decision, but she put a tough fight and a very impressive one at that considering that she is a whole 7 inches shorter than Moroz.

Looking at how the bookkeepers are gauging these two fighters – they have Seo Hee Ham at 16 – 7 and Danielle Taylor at 7 – 2.

Focusing back on Ham, we know and have seen her struggle in fights against taller opponents and it is safe to say her height has been a major hindering factor thus far, but for once, she is actually going to be the taller fighter in the octagon when she comes up against Danielle. We have a feeling that Ham is going to utilize this rare advantage effectively and should be able to clinch victory.

Tyson Pedro vs. Khalil Rountree

Tyson Pedro hails from the same camp as heavyweight prospect Tai Tuivasa and is scheduled to take on Khalil Rountree come UFC fight night 101. Pedro made his octagon debut back in 2013 very impressive when he knocked out his opponent in a mere 31 seconds. He was recently on a hiatus and has come back surprisingly in great form and has emerged victorious in his last three fights, and all via first round submission.

On the other end of the Octagon is going to Rountree who stands 2 feet shorter than Pedro. Rountree fought in the finals where he lost by decision to Andrew Sanchez. Rountree got lucky to get to the finals, it was a neck injury to Cory Hendricks which saw Rountree get the opportunity in the first place.

We think Pedro has this in the bag, and would be inclined to putting our money on him.

Author : Rory McGregor