Michael Bisping Vs. Anderson Silva

Bisping Vs Silva is a fight that is set to feature on UFC Fight Night 83 which is scheduled to take place on February 27th, 2016 at the O2 Arena in England. It will be only the fifth UFC fight to occur in the 02 Arena and the 8th in England overall.

The build-up leading to this much anticipated fight has gotten rather hostile as Michael Bisping isn’t allowing anyone to forget that Silva didn’t just fail one drug test, or even two, but a shocking three! Silva who is also known as “The Spider” returned a positive result for anabolic steroid usage and anti-anxiety pills when he was tested after his victory against Nick Diaz. When it transpired that Silva was on performance enhancing steroids, the result was overturned to a no contest and The Spider was slapped with a staggering $380,000 fine. He was also barred from the UFC for one whole year.

All eyes are going to be on “The Spider”, who is also the former middleweight champ, as he makes a return after his one year suspension and looks to put things straight with a victory against Bisping. Bisping has appealed that Silva should be rigorously drug tested prior to the fight, especially given his history with drug abuse. Not many would disagree.

Bisping said in an interview that all fighters were chasing a dream and they should all get to compete in a level playing field. He said victories should come with hard work and determination and not performance enhancing drugs.

Bisping who swore to have never touched a performance enhancing drug his whole life has a good fighting track record in general and has only lost to the likes of Cheal Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson, all of whom have had a reputation for using performance enhancing drugs.