UFC 183 Prediction: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

Silva vs. Diaz Prediction

UFC Middleweight Bout:  Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

Odds:  ( -450 Silva / +325 Diaz )

Betting Pick:  Silva

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Coming to us LIVE from Las Vegas, NV, UFC 183 brings us Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz. For being one of the most prolific fighters in the world today and having the #1 contender spot locked up, only being -450 in the sports books says something about Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz is a former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and the oddsmakers are clearly bring that into consideration. Physicality wise, Silva holds a serious advantage, but fighting is more than just size. Diaz is thought to be more well rested, much younger than Silva at 39, and isn’t coming off an injury that would take many right out of the sport. I like how the oddsmakers are handling this fight, clearly Silva has the advantage but to count out Diaz would surely be a mistake. Placing these two inside the octagon will be something no UFC fan will want to miss.

Nick Diaz 27-9-1

As the other Diaz in the UFC, to describe Nick Diaz as mean, well would almost be nice. Nick Diaz can and has intimidated some of the most prolific UFC fighters to ever step inside the octagon. What Diaz might lack in size compared to Silva, which isn’t much, he makes up with being able to take as many punches as many fighters can throw. Now, statistically Diaz is a better striker, obviously debatable in a round-table discussion, submission capability on the other hand is something the Nick wins hands-down. Now with the striking capabilities of Diaz its tough for me to say that he should try and get this fight to the mat but we’ve all seen what Silva can do with fighters with lower than average striking defense. My advice for Diaz would be to try and end this fight as soon as possible. Silva can and will outlast Nick, but Nick can knock out Silva within the first two rounds. Nick needs to come out of the gates strong. Silva will be ready but timid until he lands a strong kick, Nick needs take advantage of that precious time of vulnerability.

Anderson Silva 33-6

The amount of headlines Anderson Silva brings to Las Vegas this weekend are endless. The Spider as we all know is coming back from one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of the UFC. Even with all of the obvious advantages Silva has coming into the fight, that injury will always be on the back of his mind. Silva’s state of mind won’t be known until that first bell rings but from who we know Anderson Silva is, he’ll come out as vicious as day one. Again, we have to presume his training is as intense as always and will be ready for the brawling fighting style Nick Diaz will bring to the octagon. If Silva is able to withstand the initial attack of Nick Diaz and regain his fighting composure we all know he has, Silva will make Nick Diaz look like a fool for stepping into the octagon with him.

This like any other fighter can have an unlimited amount of scenarios, but I really think very few are legitimately possible. This is the problem for Diaz, he does in with a brawler fighter style that typically overwhelms his opponents, and those fighters typically don’t fare well against Silva. That last fighter that tried that was Sonnen, and even though he came as close as any, he was caught and game over. Silva will be ready for this fight whether the fans of Diaz like it or not. Silva will not be scared to throw a kick at any point in the fight and won’t back down to any challenge placed in front of him. Now though we need to discuss the value of the bet. Silva’s is currently standing around -450 in the sports books. As we all know that means you will have to place $450 to win a $100. Even with those numbers, Silva is your only the way to go. Diaz will have way to much confidence and lose control of his movements leaving him open for that knockout blow we all know is coming. My prediction is that Diaz gets placed on his back in the second round and doesn’t get up. Silva will control most of   rounds one an two, then finish it in the third with a TKO.

Prediction:  Anderson Silva by Third round T/KO.

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