UFC owner encourages legal betting on fights

In a statement made to the Las Vegas Sun on Monday, November 26th, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta said he has no problem with people betting on UFC fights.

“If people want to bet legally on the UFC, we think that it’s not a bad thing”

Fertitta’s views on betting are polar opposite from those of other professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA and MLB.  Leagues like the NFL hold a very strict stance on gambling and believe that betting on games tarnishes the image of the game.

I think the most rational solution for all sports betting is to legalize and tax it.  The more we try to make sports betting illegal in all parts of the world, the more it will be driven underground where there are no rules and laws to govern it.  If we can get it out in the open, then the governments can safely regulate the industry and put it in the hands of honest businessman instead of shady bookies.

Most major sports leagues understand that a portion of their viewers and fans are gamblers.  It seems only natural to finally regulate it and allow people to wager in a safe environment.