Upcoming UFC fights confirmed

The Star Ledger in New Jersey is confirming news that a rematch between Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans will happen.

“It wasn’t my best performance and Rashad is tough as hell,” Ortiz (16-5-1) said. “He was a tougher guy than I thought he was going to be. Since it’s a draw … we can do it again.”

Ortiz will get his wish. UFC president Dana White said yesterday that Ortiz-Evans II will happen in a matter of months.

And also according to UFCMania, neither fighter will have a match from now until the fight.

It’s not the kind of result with which fans, and more than likely the UFC, are satisfied. So, according to statements from UFC President Dana White after the bout, the two will do it again later this year — and it will be immediate for both fighters.

That means no opponent for either fighter before the rematch.

Betting wise, I think this match will have around the same odds, but Tito will be a bit more of a favorite this time around. There’s no denying that Rashad was tough in this match, but Tito really let it get away. My early odds predictions are Tito (-155) and Rashad (+120) . I think this will set up a great spot for a bet on Rashad. Tito will get a large number of bets, and end up as a much heavier favorite as the bets continue to roll in.