Top 3 U.S. Accepted Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbook that accept US customersAfter the UIGEA many online sportsbooks stopped accepting US transactions and fantasy sites began cropping up. You’re probably having difficulties finding a sportsbook that even accepts the US for MMA bets.

This is a comprehensive list of the best sportsbooks and fantasy ones that accept US customers due to the UIGEA Clarification Act (legally). We are listing the main deposit options used as well.  While fantasy betting is not your traditional betting, it is the only so called “legal” option from the USA at this time.  And preferred by many people although I mention both I can not condone offshore books legally to US bettors, although just about every does it.

Safe and Legal US Accepted Sportsbooks

  • – Long trusted as the most popular and safest online sportsbook for over a decade.  Also one of the easiest sportsbooks to beat for MMA events due to circumstances I have no clue, poker & casino players (they have online poker and casino) betting on sports would be my guess…
  • – Better than a traditional sportsbook if you like the parlay and roster.  They were the first fantasy site to add MMA betting and continue as the leader in fantasy MMA adding more events.  Gaining huge popularity in newly released MMA events.  Only legal MMA betting site other than the traditional ones below.
  • – For those living outside the US in Canada, the UK etc, this is by far best traditional bookmaker with billions in value.

More US accepted Betting Sites (most popular – not legal)

  • 5dimes – Most popular other than Bovada, but it has the best lines.
  • – The most popular site but has not so favorable odds but good bonuses.

Play Safe and Deposit Wisely

As you can see if you bet at a sportsbook that accepts US customers is it in your interest to choose a safe place to bet. Because the UIGEA put restrictions on deposit options for players in the US some sites are on a “watch” list that could possibly not pay their customers but the ones mentioned above are as safe as it gets.  Even to this day, years after the UIGEA, punters from BetonSports have yet to be paid but that was a long time ago in internet days. This is not to deter those who want to bet at a US online sportsbook, but simply to watch out in forums for any rumors you hear.  You never know.

It is also important not to use any deposit method that seems sketchy. Go with the most popular ones and stay far away from any sportsbook that offers you a deposit option you’ve never heard of or can’t find it in Google. You may either lose your money or get it tied up in the ewallet for months.  It’s for most means safe at any site in the top 3 mentioned and won’t really happen unless you’re playing a dodgy book for less juice.

As always, gamble responsibly and legally. Check your local laws before betting online.  We do not condone legal sportsbetting, betting on sports can only be performed at “fantasy” labeled sportsbooks.

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