UFC Fight Night 108 – Alexis Davis Vs. Cindy Dandois 135lbs

Alexis Davis (17 – 7) lost to Ronda Rousey via a knock out but then bounced back strong and won six fights which included a superb armbar submission against Sara Kaufman which made it her sixth win in seven fights.

Since then, she has lost again, but to Sara McMann this time via a submission. However, we have to cut Davis some slack for this loss, the fight was postponed by a long 19 months as Davis was pregnant and delivered her baby. It is impressive that she was able to get back into the octagon competitively so soon post her pregnancy. Her loss to Sara McMann was her first loss via submission. Usually, she is the better one when it comes to submissions and this is evident from the fact that eight of her professional wins have come via submissions – mostly armbar’s or rear – naked chokes.

Davis is going to be coming up against Cindy Dandois this when she steps into the octagon come UFC Fight Night 108. Cindy Dandois fought professionally for the first time back in 2009 and was able to clinch a decision victory in her debut against Marloes Coenen.

Since that decision victory, Dandois hasn’t fought another fight which has gone to the judges.

Both these female fighters are excellent grapplers and we expect that a lot of the fight is going to be on the ground. They are both flexible, technical and insidious. Will Alexis Davis be able to subject Dandois to one of her signature armbars or rear naked chokeholds?

We think it is going to be a stale mate and will go to the judges, where Davis may get the edge. We are going to put our money on Davis winning via unanimous decision.

Author : Rory McGregor

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